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A thorough reinvisionment of the original material written by founding members Walden James Cox & Scott Beguin. Reanimated into new life here, ten years later, for your aural enjoyment.
By adding the talents of Paul Kobe XXIII on Vibraphone and auxiliary percussion, Ghost Like This filled out it's sound. Adding Trumpet and Guitar parts seemed appropriate sine GLT plays regularly with Dan "Squidds" Madden, and Ka-Ta contributed shredding guitar to fill out he sound of the original, 10 year old demo.
Anyone purchasing this album may feel free to contact us for a free copy of the original recording from 2004.
Much Love, GLT


released 21 March 2015

Scott Beguin: Drums & Percussion
Paul Kobe XXIII: Percussion
Walden James Cox: Bass & Vocals

Featured players:
Ka-Ta: Guitar on Trakcs 1,2,5,7
Dan "Squidds" Madden: Trumpet on 4,7

All music written and arranged by Walden James Cox & Scott Beguin
All lyrics written by Walden James Cox

Produced and engineered by Dino Maddelone



all rights reserved


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Ghost Like This...

GHOST LIKE THIS is still morphing...
The last decade has seen 4 name changes, 3 'albums' and countless improv/jam tapes emerge. We have been fortunate in having past guests that put us to shame in the most grandiose way imaginable.
Started as a 2 man drum & bass war waged through ultrasonic telepathy, and grew...
Please enjoy, contact us with questions or comments, and come participate in madness!
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Track Name: Killafornia
"I've got to kill you so you can go to California with me,"
He said with the utmost conviction and sincerity in his voice.

[ch.] The necessity of your presence has become obsolescent,
piercing eyes will mesmerize, drilling deep inside your mind

You've got to be kidding, it's happened again
There's absolutely no way out from the in-side of your mind, inside of your eyes , what the hell ever you like


I can't even begin to see the skeleton of a reason my friend, for you not to think they're not out to get you and your stupid dog again.

[ch.] …that lied
….that lied
…..that lied
Track Name: IYSS
Whatever you say can and will be use against you, you're guilty until proven innocent.
A byproduct, our genetic flaws predict more tragic endings to this.

[ch.] If You Say So….

When you learn where I'm from, behind the devil's thumb
how will it change your mind?


Track Name: Eating Teeth
Is it because I answered a question with another question?
Was the danger of redundancy not communicated?
Maybe something?
Maybe nothing too?
Perhaps this is just a dream between the quiet and the feud?

Was there something in my expression that you found distracting?
Clarify your objections please, I must assure a proper healing.
Maybe something?
Maybe nothing too?

You can't hide the grind, that comes from behind, the back of your forehead until the end of time
just like the light, burning the night, it spreads the ashes until the end of time
Maybe something?
Maybe nothing too?
Perhaps this is just a dream Dino and The Dude?
Track Name: One Thousand Words
As if we were out of focus, in the scenes that you exist in
A comfortable haze is consuming all the things around you,
Seeing things has grown softer though curious discretion.
But the ringing in your ears will not leave, and the voices explode.

After all I've been told that actions speak louder than words do,
For it takes 1000 words to start to paint a picture,
And if I draw outside of the lines, will you forgive my insurrections?
Although you may not enjoy this noise, it is our free expression….
… is our free expression.

These are just more words
Turning True darkness into false light
Frequency burn kills the retina from your third eye

My breath comes from deep below
Below my blackened lung speaking words of an ancient tongue
All that remains is all the remains

The radio dial sounds like its stuck between 2 stations,
A melody loved by all is lost, in static translation
Track Name: Conundrummer
Everything and nothing are just the same
Spinning in circles on the tip of your brain
Some will say their life is circling the drain
Just because their life is drowning in pain

This is not the way we heard this thing

Irritate, fulminate, dominate, casterate
Destroy the face of the peace in this place
Waiting and waiting for you just to leave
Anxiously longing for my chance to breath
Why won't you just let this old world be?
Drowning our past while we're down on our knees
Gilding the lilies and burning the trees
Why are driven to kill our beliefs?

Art Slop Won't Stop
Now it Goes Like This

Everything and nothing are just the same
Spinning in circles on the tip of your brain
Some will say their life is circling the drain
Just because their heart is drowning in pain

Now It Stops Like This…..
Track Name: These Cats Are Assholes