The Mad Splatter

by Ghost Like This...



Hasa Diga Ebowi...


released April 20, 2016

Walthar Von Gravitas - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Noises
Paul Kobe xxiii - Vibraphone
Scott Beguin - Drums



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Ghost Like This...

GHOST LIKE THIS is still morphing...
The last decade has seen 4 name changes, 3 'albums' and countless improv/jam tapes emerge. We have been fortunate in having past guests that put us to shame in the most grandiose way imaginable.
Started as a 2 man drum & bass war waged through ultrasonic telepathy, and grew...
Please enjoy, contact us with questions or comments, and come participate in madness!
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Track Name: The Mad Splatter
There are none...
Track Name: Surfing With The Enemy
So Alone...
And Wash Me Away...
Against You...
And Wash Me Away...
So Alone...
Track Name: To The Top And Above (For: Tom Waits)
Welcome my friends to when it begins, at this place near the top of the hill.
We have all come, together as one, there's not a drop to be spilled.
On this day of days henceforth we will say "in union this time has been killed."
A means to an end, traditions will blend, of artisans unique and skilled.

Rub-A-Dub Dub take a dive in the tub
The bubbles will rise to the top and above
the gold light and dark, ignites the spark
That fans the flames of song

The once was a time, there was no place to fly
So we all just drank alone
With nothing to do, no where no why
So we all just drank at home
We've finally arrived beneath the sky, in this place we finally belong.
400 strong we sing this song, won't you please now sing along.